About Hannah

Welcome to Hannah Vincent’s new website - I hope you find this an informative and enjoyable insight into the day to day life of Hannah working with her horses.

Hannah’s whole life revolves around her love of horses, with her patience and kindness she has been hugely successful with numerous horses and ponies. She was riding solo before she was two years old, she was competing at four years old and taking National senior titles in affiliated show jumping before she was sixteen years old!

Hannah has a wealth of experience that far surpasses her age, which she is now passing onto the next generation of horse riders. At the beginning of September 2014 Hannah set up ‘Hot To Trot School Of Equitation’ where she takes great pride in offering a select number of horses and ponies that have been hand-picked for their performance and temperament.

She also offers a comprehensive equine service for all ridden and handling issues encountered with problem horses and ponies including backing and breaking, competition livery, re-schooling and limited livery options are also available.

Visit the Hot To Trot School of Equitation website to find out more

The Story So Far

I was born 6th October 1993 in Pulham St.Mary, Norfolk. I was riding before I could walk as my mother had a riding school at the time(Willow End equestrian Centre). It was the only way that my Mum could keep an eye on me, if I was on a pony!

My first pony was called ‘Tommy’ an 11.2hh bay gelding who was a saint, I used to ride him on my own when I was just twenty months old at the time - the press and a television came out to take pictures and film me, I even made it into a German newspaper.

Pasty was my next ‘first’ pony, she was the same age as me – we had fab times doing lots of gymkhana games.

Rosie The Rebel was my first ‘proper’ jumping pony that my Mum got from a local auction when I was seven years old, she was beautiful but at first crazy and would walk on her hind legs as soon as I tried to get on her!

​My Mum – Sue is my main trainer. We spend many, many hours at home working together with the horses, schooling and jumping them. We both believe that it is very important to have other trainers opinions and help, so I’m always keen to take up on coaching sessions. My main coaches are Paul Nunn, Barrett Watson, trainer of top show jumper Tim Davies and I have also had some very helpful lessons with Matthew (Matt) Lanni, who is one of the most highly qualified coached in British Show Jumping.

I started British Showjumping (BS) affiliated competitions at the Aylsham Show in Norfolk in 2006, it’s quite a big show and Mum had not told that I had been registered to jump as she thought I would be a bit nervous. I thought the jumps were a bit bigger, but once I started, I loved it!

​I had five great ponies that I competed on until I come out of Junior BS at the end of December 2009; they were The Phantom Dreamaker, Ashfield Bobby Rose, My Thai, Wise Dennis & Ashley Rainbow. Four of these were grey ponies which I loved for their jumping ability but I really do not miss the washing of them before every show!

I attended City College Norwich for three years from 2010 – 2013. The Principle Dick Palmer and my course tutor Katherine Abigail were fabulous and it was thanks to their flexibility and support that gave me the time I needed to train and compete the horses whilst still working towards my academic qualifications. I even took Ranchwood Banana Split (Mac) to College for a sponsorship presentation. It was the first time in the history of the college that a horse had been in attendance and it certainly caught everyone’s attention! Mac was fabulous, he was not the slightest bit fazed even when led up a narrow disabled ramp and moved sideways onto the entrance of City College, he stood rock still taking in the view and posing for photographs.

At the beginning of September ’14 I set up Hot To Trot School Of Equitation as I wanted to help other people wanting to learn to ride, I had six lovely horses and ponies that I had hand-picked specifically for their temperaments and performance.

My Favourite pastime outside show jumping is doing nothing! As I do not have time for anything else or I'm too shattered to do anything anyway! – although my Mum says I do spend a lot of time on ‘Facebook’! But when I do have a rare chance to get away from the horses I love to go ski-ing.

My favourite horse and top ride is Jabberwocky (Ozzy) I have brought him on right through the grades (He’s now a Grade A) I have owned him since he was just a foal, my Mum found him in a terrible state of neglect. With Ozzy I have won National Show Jumping titles, he is the most consistent and gusty horse to have the privilege of riding.

My ambitions for the future? I would love to compete for Team GB (Well we all need a dream!)

Hannah Vincent
July 2019

Hannah's Horses

Meet the horses that Hannah rides for show jumping competitions.

Banana Blizzard (Zulu)

Picture of Banana Blizzard

Banana Blizzard
Stable Name – Zulu
Breeding TB x
Sire – Ranchwood Banana Split
Dam – Rosie O'Shea
Height at maturity approx 16.2hh
D.O.B – 05/06/12

Banana Blizzard (Zulu) is by Ranchwood Banana Split (Mac) out of Rosie O'Shea a lovely dun Irish bred mare. Zulu is somewhat of a rarity being a 'Pelino Dun' - his coat is a soft cream chocolate with darker points and his mane and are tail apricot coloured.

Zulu was not due until the 18th June but he had no intention of waiting that long and arrived a full thirteen days early on the 5th June 2012 - not the greatest of starts for any foal but as he is a giant it was no wonder he was early! Gratefully with the superb help of the Uplands Way Vets with the intensive care he required in those first forty eight hours he has made up into a lovely young colt. Zulu is a great lover of people - there is no trouble catching him!

Jabberwoky (Ozzy)

Picture of Jabberwoky

Stable Name – Ozzy
Breeding – Unknown
Height - 16.1hh
D.O.B - 2004
Grade A

Ozzy has the heart of a lion and always tries his hardest, without doubt he's a 'horse of a lifetime'.

He needs working almost every day and always squeals going into his first canter! He has been on Hannah’s yard since being rescued in dreadful condition as a foal from a dealers yard in Norfolk.

Hannah helped to break and school him over the winter of 2007/08 and then brought him on slowly through 2008. He started affiliated British Showjumping (BS) in the summer of 2009 and was definitely one to watch for the future, he is tremendously brave and a seriously talented little horse who is super careful and deceptively fast in the jump off.

Ozzy took to the ring in stunning form right from the onset; his record is a great credit to Hannah's patience and perseverance and they make a superb team - amongst the many great wins are - The 'Inter-nations' Team Gold Competition held at Towerlands Park, Braintree in Essex in May 2010 and second place in The Amateur and Veterans National Championships VW Car Challenge held in Liverpool November 2010 Top honours in the 1.10m Grand Prix at The National Amateur and Veterans Championships 2011.

Ozzy is now a Grade A within British Showjumping.

Banana Fluff (Ki Ki)

Picture of Banana Fluff

Stable Name – Ki Ki
Breeding TB x
Sire – Ranchwood Banana Split
Dam – Rosie O'Shea
Height at maturity approx 16hh
D.O.B – 30/03/2011

Banana Fluff (Ki Ki) is by our fabulous Palomino stallion Ranchwood Banana Split (Mac) out of Rosie O'Shea a lovely dun Irish bred mare. She is a deep bay with one white sock at the rear and no other white marking at all. She's 16hh high at the moment and has filled out tremendously this summer.

Ki Ki is full sister to Banana Blizzard (Zulu) Although this is hard to believe looking at their very different colour schemes! But they both share the same kind temperaments and stunning conformation as both Mac and Rosie (Both are related on the Dams side to Jennie Loriston-Clarkes Olympic dressage superstar 'Dutch Courage' who was Britain's leading International Dressage Horse from 1978 to 1985 having won the National Dressage Championships no less than six times!).

Ki Ki is all set to make her mark on the show jumping circuit, she's already proving to be extremely brave and careful in the ring. Hannah will be taking her out to affiliated events at the beginning of 2016 with her little brother! The 'Banana' dynasty continues!

Contact Hannah

Please feel free to contact Hannah with any enquiries or to book a viewing appointment. Email: info@hottotrotschoolofequitation.co.uk

Please remember to include a telephone number with your enquiry so we can call you back!

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